Corporate Catering

We love food, that’s why we surround ourselves with it every day. And as true food lovers, we believe that just because food is served at work doesn’t mean that eating it should be like work. We believe you should love your corporate breakfast as much as your first cup of coffee. We believe your corporate lunch should take you away from your desk even if you’re eating at it. We believe your herbs should be clipped fresh from a sustainable garden and your disposables should be made of recycled material. We believe that your meals should always look consistent and consistently wow your clients. We believe in good food, prepared by and served by good people. And these beliefs flavor everything we do; you’ll taste them at your corporate picnic, they’ll shine through at your office open house and they’ll be that extra something at your office holiday party. And, by the way, about that holiday party; you deserve it…seriously.

We are currently updating our Corporate Catering Menu. Please check back shortly to download the new menu, or contact us directly.