This election will have all of us on the edge of our seats. November 3rd will hold ups and downs, valleys and peaks, moments of exhilaration and flashes of panic. And you know what we say to that?

    • • Did a state unexpectedly flip in your favor? Well, pop the Gruet and spread the Truffled Pate’!
    • • Is the Senate a nail-biter? Stuff your face with Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips!
    • • Wait… Anderson Cooper just delivered news you wanted to hear? Pass me a Caviar Blini!
    • • Hold up now… Dan Rather just tweeted what?! Put on your soft pants, hide under a blanket and stick a straw into a Booze Injected Capri Sun!
  • We’ll all get through this together; but while we do, Hearty Boys encourages you to EAT YOUR FEELINGS with two Treat-Filled Boxes!
  • The High-Five Me! Box will help you Toast the Times with celebratory offerings while The Comfort Me! Box contains snacks to Soothe the Soul. Feel free to Sample and Sip, Nibble and Nip from each as the evening requires.

    High Five Me!
    • to raise the roof during bits of bliss
      - Gruet Brut Split (375 ml)
    • - 8 oz Truffled Pate Mousse
    • - 1 oz Golden Whitefish Caviar
    • - Mini Blinis/Sour Cream
    • - House Flatbreads
    • - Chocolate Bouchon

    Comfort Me!
    • to pacify the panic in times of turbulence
      - 2 Pouches of Fireball ‘Capri, Son!’
    • - Chorizo Pop Tarts
    • - Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips
    • - Wasabi Caramel Corn
    • - Dulce de Leche Brownies
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